Corsi di Laurea Corsi di Laurea Magistrale Corsi di Laurea Magistrale
a Ciclo Unico
Scuola di Economia e Scienze politiche
ECM0022945, A.A. 2016/17

Informazioni valide per gli studenti immatricolati nell'A.A. 2014/15

Principali informazioni sull'insegnamento
Corso di studio Corso di laurea in
EP2093, ordinamento 2014/15, A.A. 2016/17
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Crediti formativi 6.0
Tipo di valutazione Voto
Denominazione inglese PRINCIPLES OF MARKETING
Dipartimento di riferimento Dipartimento di Scienze Economiche e Aziendali "Marco Fanno"
Obbligo di frequenza No
Lingua di erogazione INGLESE
Corso singolo NON è possibile iscriversi all'insegnamento come corso singolo
Corso a libera scelta Insegnamento riservato SOLO agli iscritti al corso di ECONOMIA


Dettaglio crediti formativi
Tipologia Ambito Disciplinare Settore Scientifico-Disciplinare Crediti
AFFINE/INTEGRATIVA Attività formative affini o integrative SECS-P/08 6.0

Organizzazione dell'insegnamento
Periodo di erogazione Secondo semestre
Anno di corso III Anno
Modalità di erogazione frontale

Tipo ore Crediti Ore di
Ore Studio
LEZIONE 6.0 42 108.0

Inizio attività didattiche 27/02/2017
Fine attività didattiche 09/06/2017
Visualizza il calendario delle lezioni Lezioni 2019/20 Ord.2014

Commissioni d'esame
Commissione Dal Al Membri
3 Commissione AA 2019/20 01/10/2019 30/11/2020 SAMFILIPPO CHRIS MARTIN (Presidente)
PUGLIESE AMEDEO (Membro Effettivo)
2 Commissione AA 2018/19 01/10/2018 30/09/2019 PUGLIESE AMEDEO (Presidente)
1 Commissione AA 2016/17 13/04/2017 30/09/2017 PUGLIESE AMEDEO (Presidente)

Prerequisiti: Course held during the International Summer Program in Padova: intensive classes especially dedicated to international students. Classes and exam: May - mid June.

Interest in business, curiosity
Conoscenze e abilita' da acquisire: An introductory course in the marketing activities associated with the free market system. The various components and functions of the marketing activities will be discussed in an integrated framework to provide insight into the role and scope of marketing in the business environment. The components and functions include product development, pricing, promotion, distribution, consumer behavior, and target market analysis.
Modalita' di esame: Midterm Exam 25%
Final Exam 25
Group Assignment 40
Plant Tour Paper 10
In-Class Performance See below
TOTAL: 100%
Criteri di valutazione: In-class performance deals with the amount and quality of your participation related to class discussions, breakout group in-class assignments, individual in-class assignments, etc. At the end of the period of teaching, final grades may be adjusted for in-class performance that is exceptional. So students who are borderline between two grades may have their scores moved up based on their exceptional in-class performance. So the bottom line – it is in your best interest to participate often and in a quality manner.
Lectures are the most important aspect of this class. Students who miss lectures do not perform as well on the exams as regular attendees. Thus attendance is quasi-mandatory for this class. For every two unexcused absences a half letter grade adjustment will be made. For example, if at the end of the teaching period your grade is a B and you have two unexcused absences, your grade will be adjusted to a B minus. Also if you miss class for any reason, please make sure that you get the lecture material and notes from another student. If you miss more than 20% of the lectures, or if you do not contribute to your team effectively and with the due effort, you will have to sustain the non-attending exams, and all your past credits (midterms, team projects, and presentations) will be lost.
There will be one midterm exam and a final exam. Dates for these exams are per the course schedule. The exams will cover text, lecture, guest speakers and discussion material. If you will not be able to attend an exam you must schedule a make-up exam at least 48 hours in advance and provide a legitimate reason (as determined by the instructor) for missing the exam. Makeup exams must be taken within one week of the scheduled exam date.

Group Project
Students will complete a group assignment. Only one grade will be given for the assignment and this grade will be assigned to all group members. We will ask all students to provide us with an assessment of their group members at the end of the teaching period. This assessment will be used to identify group members who were extraordinary in their efforts – and may cause grades to be adjusted upward – as well as those group members who were not diligent in their participation (e.g., missing scheduled meetings, failing to complete their part of the group project in a quality manner on a timely basis) -- and may cause grades to be adjusted downward.
Contenuti: The purpose of this course is to introduce you to the basic concepts of marketing management. You will learn to apply the knowledge and analytical skills useful for participating in the development and execution of a company’s marketing strategy and practices.
Attivita' di apprendimento previste e metodologie di insegnamento: Power point, case study, video, articles
Eventuali indicazioni sui materiali di studio: Lessons available on Moodle eLearning web site
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