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Per TUTTI gli studenti del corso LINGUA INGLESE 2:

il giorno 3 Ottobre 2017 verrà presentato il corso LINGUA INGLESE 2 presso l'Aula EF2 (Ex-Fiat, via Venezia). La presentazione avrà luogo alle ore 12:30 per gli studenti A-L, e alle ore 13:30 per gli studenti M-Z. All'incontro informativo verranno date informazioni importanti per la frequenza del corso.

Orario di ricevimento
Centro Linguistico di Ateneo CLA, room 2027, via Venezia 16 - 5th floor Office hour upon previous appointment: please contact me per email at
(aggiornato il 15/01/2018 00:30)

Curriculum Vitae

2010-2013: PhD in Applied Linguistics and English Studies (Doctor Europaeus)- University of Padova.
I conducted extensive research on the potential of English as a lingua franca telecollaboration to enhance university students’ intercultural learning and negotiation of shared spaces and subject positions. Thesis title: “Negotiating a transcultural place in an English as a lingua franca telecollaboration exchange: a mixed methods approach to the analysis of intercultural communicative competence and third space in an online Community of Practice”.

2007-2009: Master’s Degree in Foreign Languages for International Communication - University of Padova (110 cum laude)
Thesis Title: “Writer visibility and agreement/disagreement strategies in online interaction: a learner corpus study”.

September 2008 – April 2009: Erasmus mobility programme for studies, Leopold-Franzens Universität Innsbruck, Austria


January 2017 - today Postdoctoral research assistant within the project "Knowledge construction in English-Medium Instruction at the University of Padova: exploring student practices and perspectives on the use of English as an Academic Lingua Franca". I am currently conducting research on the experiences and practices of students enrolled on English-taught programmes at the University of Padova. The project aims to shed light on how students from different linguaculture backgrounds view and use English as an academic lingua franca to construct and negotiate knowledge in EMI (English-medium Instruction) settings.

2013 -2015
University of Padova
Postdoctoral research assistant within the project "Learning English for Academic Purposes" (LEAP), developed by the Language Centre (CLA)of the University of Padova in collaboration with the International Relations Office. The LEAP project was developed to provide linguistic and methodological support for lecturers from the University of Padova who teach their subject contents through English.

Stockholm University School of Business, Sweden
Research assistant and media coordinator within the international research project "Yin Yang: a New Perspective on Culture" which, under the supervision of Dr. Tony Fang. (PhD), aims at fostering an interdisciplinary approach to the study of the dynamics of culture and cross-cultural management in the age of globalisation.

University of Padova
Member of the research team in the project "Oral Interaction in EFL" led by Dr. Erik Castello.

University College London, London, UK
Visiting doctoral researcher. Five-month research period and participation in the course Technology-Mediated-Collaboration under the supervision of Dr. Jane Hughes at the Centre for Advanced Teaching and Learning.

Aree di ricerca
MY research interests include: English-medium Instruction (EMI); English as a lingua franca (ELF); intercultural communication; telecollaboration for language and intercultural learning; corpus analysis

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